My Story....

I was born and raised on a farm in rural Kansas and went to Kansas State University on an art scholarship. After graduating
with a degree in Marketing, I spent a few years in Kansas City before returning to my hometown. There I was the Curriculum
and Test Coordinator for the local school district for nearly 20 years before moving to Paso Robles in 2012.  My husband David
& I first visited Moonstone Beach in Cambria, CA on vacation in 2006.  I had been a rock-hound all of my life and thoroughly
enjoyed looking at the beautiful, colorful stones on Moonstone Beach. I began collecting them at that time, hoping someday to
turn them into something special! 

Recently I began a new venture and made my dream of being a full-time jewelry designer and artist come true.  My business, PasoJules is a platform to sell my drawings & jewelry.  My jewelry is an ornate representation of the Central Coast and my desire is to send a little piece of the Central Coast home with everyone.  I find every stone that I use in my jewelry on Moonstone Beach in Cambria. I find jade, jasper, and agates and well as the beautiful quartzite stones known locally as Moonstones.  After finding my stones, I spend 7-8 weeks polishing them into shiny, beautiful jewels. I use only high quality wire & settings in my jewelry. The rock dictates the design of my wrapping or drilling.  No two stones are the same, thus each piece of jewelry is as unique as the stone itself.

In addition to making jewelry, I am also an artist, specializing in colored pencil and charcoal.  My style is traditional in that I try to make each drawing look as life-like as possible.  At this point, I'm selling only original drawings and do not have prints available.


One-of-a Kind Moonstone Beach Jewelry & Original Fine Art