68-B  Moonstone earrings
 in gold, $29

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85-B  Moonstone earrings
 in gold,  $29

97-B  White Agate earrings in gold, $29

32-D  Jade earrings in silver, $29

99-B  Red Jasper earrings in silver, $29

71-C  Jasper earrings in silver, $29


89-B  Brown Agate earrings in silver & gold, $29

25-B  Moonstone earrings
 in gold, $39

3-D  Moonstone earrings   in gold, $39 - SOLD

39-C  Dark red jasper earrings in silver, $29


32-B  Moonstone earrings
 in gold, $39


29-C  Agate earrings in gold, $29

62-A  Moonstone earrings
 in gold & copper, $39

30-C  Moonstone earrings
 in gold, $39

70-D  Blue Agate earrings in silver, $29

41-C  Jasper earrings in gold, $29



30-D  Large Moonstone earrings in gold, $49