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Take a Piece of the Central Coast With You!

I find every stone you see in my jewelry on Moonstone Beach in Cambria, CA.  After finding each stone, I polish them into beautiful jewels! The polishing process can take up to two months to bring out the beautiful colors in the stones.  I then wrap each stone by hand.  The wrap is dictated by the stone itself and each piece is a unique piece of the Central Coast! 

You will see many stones on Moonstone Beach of all different colors, textures, shapes and sizes.  If you look closely, you will find a few stones that are clear or semi-clear with what looks like clouds inside and around the stone.  These are the beautiful "moonstones", from which the Beach got its name. It is said that the name Moonstone comes from the  ancient Greeks used the term “moonstone” to describe those gems that evoke the moon’s delicate, ethereal light. These cloud-like stones resemble the gem-quality Moonstones found in Australia & other parts of the world.  These gem-quality stones are made of feldspar, while the "moonstones" on Moonstone Beach are made of chalcedony, a microcrystalline quartz; but share the same pale, ethereal light at its center.  While they're not technically the gem-quality Moonstones, they are referred to as "moonstones" locally. Other colorful stones include CA jade, jasper & quartz.  All of my jewelry is made with quality gold & silver chain and links. 

I try very hard to remove a piece immediately after it sells, but in the rare case that two people buy the same piece, I will contact the second person and ask if you want to choose something else, or if you would like a refund. Thank you for understanding!!

Julie Parker, owner of PasoJules

One-of-a Kind Moonstone Beach Jewelry & Original Fine Art