20-D Amazonite necklace in gold, turquoise glass beads, 18", $79

25-D Rose Quartz necklace in gold, rose quartz beads, 17", $89

21-D Petrified Wood necklace in gold, 14", $79

19-D  Rose Quartz necklace in silver, 20" $79

24-D Amazonite necklace in silver, turquoise glass beads, 16", $79

22-D Red Tiger Eye  necklace in silver, 18", $79

Other Stones

37-D Obsidian pendant on silver 28", $79

27-D Gold Tiger Eye necklace, tiger eye beads 16", $89

I've had people ask for other stones such as Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Amethyst, etc.   So I traveled to Quartzite, AZ, and bought some rough stones that I polished, then wrapped! Please enjoy some other options for my unique jewelry!!  Please click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo.  I accept PayPal or credit card orders and personal checks are welcome as well!  I would also welcome a visit from you to browse through my entire selection of jewelry in Paso Robles!  Please call or email me with any and all questions and I can also send more photos! Also, if you have a stone you want wrapped, please contact me.